California Supply Chains Act

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Human trafficking and slavery continue to plague many places throughout the world, and Ford of Escondido supports efforts to eliminate such practices. Given that Ford of Escondido is franchised to sell Ford automobiles and parts that we purchase from Ford, we rely upon the efforts of the automaker to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from the supply chain. Accordingly:

  • We do not engage in verification of our product supply chains to evaluate and address risks of human trafficking and slavery.
  • We do not conduct audits of suppliers to evaluate their compliance with company standards for trafficking and slavery in supply chains.
  • We do not require direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into the product comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the countries in which they are doing business.
  • We do not maintain internal accountability standards and procedures for employees or contractors failing to meet company standards regarding slavery and trafficking.
  • We do not provide company employees and management with training on human trafficking and slavery or mitigating risks within the supply chains of products.
Since the vast majority of goods and services we sell are from Ford, only Ford is in a position to perform these tasks, and we encourage you to contact Ford at 800-392-3673 in the US, 1-800-565-3673 (FORD) in Canada. To learn about their efforts to eradicate human trafficking and slavery from their supply chain, please go to //
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